Vertical Multistage centrifugal pumps. Ideal for non-loaded fluid pumping; pressurisation systems; irrigation; drinking or glycol water; water treatment; food industry; heating and air conditioning; washing systems.

Pump bodyHS: cast iron GJL-250
HX: EN 1.4401/ AISI 316
Motor braketcast iron
Impeller, diffuserHS: EN 1.4301/ AISI 304
HX: EN 1.4401/ AISI 316
Pump shaftHS: EN 1.4057/ AISI 431
HX: EN 1.4460/ AISI 329
Mechanical sealsilicon carbide/ graphite/ EPDM
Ambient temperaturemax 40 °C
Liquid temperature-15 ÷ +120 °C
Operating pressuremax 25 bar
Pump body gasketEPDM
2 pole induction motor3~ 230/400V-50Hz P≤4kW
3~ 400/690V-50Hz P>4kW
e.c. IE3
Insulation classF
Protection degreeIP55


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Download 50Hz catalog

ModelQ max (m3/h)Hmax (m)Power P2 (HP)Download the PDF
U 35HS_HX-300/1 T45213,00
U 35HS_HX-550/2-2R T45335,50
U 35HS_HX-550/2-1R T45375,50
U 35HS_HX-750/2 T45437,50
U 35HS_HX-750/3-2R T45537,50
U 35HS_HX-1000/3-1R T455910,00
U 35HS_HX-1000/3 T456410,00
U 35HS_HX-1000/4-2R T457410,00
U 35HS_HX-1500/4-1R T458115,00
U 35HS_HX-1500/4 T458615,00
U 35HS_HX-1500/5-2R T459715,00
U 35HS_HX-1500/5-1R T4510215,00
U 35HS_HX-2000/5 T4510720,00
U 35HS_HX-2000/6-2R T4511920,00
U 35HS_HX-2000/6-1R T4512320,00
U 35HS_HX-2000/6 T4512820,00
U 35HS_HX-2000/7-2R T4513920,00
U 35HS_HX-2000/7-1R T4514420,00
U 35HS_HX-2500/7 T4514925,00
U 35HS_HX-2500/8-2R T4516025,00
U 35HS_HX-2500/8-1R T4516525,00
U 35HS_HX-2500/8 T4517025,00
U 35HS_HX-3000/9-2R T4518430,00
U 35HS_HX-3000/9-1R T4518930,00
U 35HS_HX-3000/9 T4519430,00
U 35HS_HX-3000/10-2R T4520530,00
U 35HS_HX-3000/10-1R T4521030,00
U 35HS_HX-4000/10 T4521740,00
U 35HS_HX-4000/11-2R T4522940,00
U 35HS_HX-4000/11-1R T4523440,00
U 35HS_HX-4000/11 T4523840,00
U 35HS_HX-4000/12-2R T4525040,00
U 35HS_HX-4000/12-1R T4525540,00
U 35HS_HX-4000/12 T4526040,00
U 35HS_HX-4000/13-2R T4527140,00
U 35HS_HX-4000/13-1R T4527640,00
U 35HS_HX-4000/13 T4528140,00