Drainage pumps for rainwater with set-back Vortex type stainless steel impeller and cast iron pump body. These pumps are suitable for pumping liquids with suspended solids; ideal for civil and household applications.
The sealing system consists of two seals lubricated in oil chamber.


Pump body cast iron with openings 1”1/2 and 2”
Shell, motor cover, base support stainless steel
Impeller stainless steel set-back Vortex
Mechanical seal double seal with oil barrier; silicon carbide on pump
side, sealing ring on motor side
Motor shaft stainless steel AISI 430
Passage of solids Ø max 35 mm
Ø max 50 mm
Depht of immersion max 5 m
Liquid temperature 0 – 40 °C
Cable H07 RNF, 10 m
G float switch
2 pole induction motor 3~ 230/400V-50Hz
1~ 230V-50Hz with thermal protection
Insulation class F
Protection degree IP68


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Download 50Hz catalog

Model Q max (m3/h) Hmax (m) Power P2 (HP) Download the PDF
DG80 15 7 0,80
DG100 18 9 1,00
DG82 21 6 0,80
DG102 24 7 1,00


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